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Restorative Practices

Contact Information

  • Monica Nunez
    Restorative Practices Coordinator
  • Erin Chavez
    Assistant Principal

What Are Restorative Practices?

Traditional Discipline focus on rules broken and consequences. Restorative Practices move away from punitive practices and emphasize the importance of positive relationships as central to building community and provide opportunities to restore relationships when harm has occurred. Students and adults are held accountable for their actions by identifying who has been harmed, what they can take responsibility for, and how they can repair the harm.

Why Restorative Practices?

National and APS statistics show that students of color, special education students, and boys are suspended at disproportional rates. Higher rates of suspension have long term consequences. Students who are suspended are more likely to drop out of school, become involved in the criminal justice system, and are less prepared for higher education. This is why Taylor Middle School believes switching to Restorative Practices is so important.

If you would like to learn more about Restorative Practices contact our Restorative Practices Coordinator, Monica Nunez or Assistant Principal, Erin Chavez.

2018-2019 Restorative Practices

Connection Circles

A relationship-building and conflict prevention strategy in which a circle process is used to enhance relationships and establish rapport among students and with staff. The Process enhances empathy and thereby has a conflict reduction and prevention effect. This strategy is often used by teachers once/week.

Problem Solving Circles

A Classroom or staff meeting circle designed to address issues and harm and seek solutions using the restorative circle process where all voices are heard. Facilitated by a teacher or a selected facilitator.

Restorative Mediations

A joint meeting between conflicting students/staff members facilitated by a trained mediator. Participants have a chance to share their perspectives and work together to resolve the conflict, repair any harm, and, ensure that it doesn’t continue.